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on July 27, 2015

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So Marvel is at it again. Their newest movie Ant-Man came out this month. When I first saw the trailer I thought, no way am I seeing this movie. I’ve already seen so many Marvel movies and this is just one more. I’d never even heard of this Marvel character before and honestly I thought it sounded stupid. How could shrinking to the size of an ant make a good super power? But somehow I got sucked in, a new trailer came out that made the movie look better, then when it came out friend after friend asked if I’d seen it and said it was good. Finally I got tired of other people telling me it was a good movie so I decided to see it for myself. And what do you know, it was good.

Marvel has gotten their movies down to an art. They have the perfect balance of humor and action along with several references to their other movies and characters. They even made a joke about how stupid of a name Ant-Man is anyway. And of course they throw in a couple of extra scenes during the credits. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the newest collection of characters it adds to the Marvel universe. And I’ll probably see the movie again, maybe not till it comes out on DVD, but I will see it again.

So if you’re in the slumps of summer and looking for a good movie to see in theaters, go see Ant-Man.

I’ll leave you with a preview



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