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on October 20, 2014

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Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. It’s been a busy week at my home with large remodeling projects and a crazy work schedule. However, over the weekend, I had some downtime to relax and decided to try out a new TV show that started this fall.

It’s called Forever and follows the adventures of a Dr. Henry Morgan who has the strange condition of not staying dead. he has lived for at least 200 years and every time he dies, he finds himself alive again somewhere in water. The show follows a Sherlock Holmes style crime solving plot line, with the doctor’s having a long history that provides a vast knowledge that few can match, and an eye for catching details. It reminds me of Elementary, another of my favorite shows which will be returning again this fall.

But the one thing I really like about this new show is it’s take on life, and the meaning it has. Since the doctor keeps on living, certain things that are normal for the rest of us, have worn off on him. He needs to be reminded of beauty, the importance of relationships, even if they do end, and that things can change and history doesn’t necessarily have to repeat itself. In any case, I’ve found the show to be quite entertaining and I’m interested to see how the season progresses.

Here’s a link to a preview of the show if you’re interested: 


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