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Poem in Honor of Blood of Olympus

on October 9, 2014


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I’m really excited about the last book in the Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan. I will probably start reading it today. So in honor of it’s release, I’ll post a poem I wrote about how reading a good book can be like a marathon.

The Marathon

A novel is tricky.
It looks so calm,
lying there on the table,
teasing you with the thought
that by reading
you can relax.

Once the covers open,
the race begins, and if you’re
not careful, you might get caught
in the plot, heart beating faster,
unable to stop the action,
trapped in the quick pace.
One more chapter, one more mile;
the characters push you forward.
Anxious to discover the truth
or finish before your friends;
you keep running.
Chapters fly by, through
forests, castles, entire lives.
You cannot stop until
the last line,
the finish line.

Better stay in shape though.
The sequel will be out soon.


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