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Poem for Grandpa

on August 27, 2014

So my past week has been a flurry of emotions, stress, ups and downs. My 94 year old Grandpa passed away on Saturday and I just got back from the funeral yesterday. Everything’s been so busy that it’s been hard to stop and reflect on the relationship I had with him.

He wasn’t my real grandpa, that grandpa died when I was 6. Grandpa Eddie came into my life 12 years ago when he married my grandma. It was strange at first to have this new person be part of my family but over the years I got to know him very well and I want to write a poem in his honor.


What can I say about a man who’s seen so much?

Who lived through times of war and peace,

and saw so much of history.


His life revolved around the farm.

Feeding cows, bailing hay,

watching the sky for signs of rain.


I cannot recount all you’ve seen,

the people you’ve loved,

the things you’ve grieved.

All I can say is thank you from me.


You always had a Coke to share,

a smile to offer, a laugh to give.

You took care of my grandma,

welcomed us with each visit,

sold us your old Mercury,

and paid for college tuition.


When I tried my hand at writing,

you read my book,

and told everyone around,

that it was really good.


There is so much more,

that I could say,

about your love, faith, and generosity.

But I’ll end by saying this;

Though not by blood,

you will forever be

my Grandpa Eddie.


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