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The Nut Job

on August 18, 2014

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So I got on Netflix today and found that The Nut Job was available to download. When I saw commercials for this movie I thought it looked like a generic kids movie, and one on the lower end of the spectrum. So I never went to see it in theaters and didn’t have much interest. However, when I saw it on Netflix, I thought eh whatever, might as well watch it.

If you haven’t been reading my blog, here’s a tidbit, I love kids movies. For some reason it’s the genre I like the most. So, here I am watching this movie, expecting some silly storyline and undefined characters and a lot of cheap jokes. But as I kept watching, I was pleasantly surprised.

I actually enjoyed the storyline. The movie seemed to be based in the not too distant past, when bank robbers pulled big heists. The plot weaves around two separate heists, one a group of animals is trying to pull off, in order to survive winter, and the other, a group of thugs who are robbing a bank. There’s some interesting correlations between the two groups, so the audience can see their similarities but also their differences. And there’s enough twists and turns in the storyline to make it interesting.

The characters are fairly well developed as well, especially our hero who goes from a selfish independent scrounger, to a reluctant hero. And the villain is also well hidden so that their real motives are a surprise to the audience.

Even the humor was okay, it’s not a roll on the floor laughing kind of movie, but the jokes aren’t too dumb.

So if you enjoy a good family/kids movie like me, check out The Nut Job on Netflix.


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