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Sing and Positivity

on January 6, 2017

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Well, I finally got to see Sing the other day. The previews for this movie had me hooked from the beginning. I love animated children’s movies and I love songs and this movie had all of that, plus a lot of great actors doing the voices for all of the characters. Here’s a preview in case you’re interested:

So I went to the theater on Tuesday with my great friend and my mom. And I couldn’t stop smiling. Even in the ups and downs of the story line, there is an underlying positivity throughout this movie that is infectious. I loved hearing all of the songs redone and seeing the plethora of characters grow and improve, becoming more confident and putting themselves out there. It was a great reminder that every person is unique and beautiful.

Sometimes it’s hard to be ourselves, to shine, to do, or become what we feel we’re called to do. But as the characters in this movie are drawn together into relationships and a community, they help each other grow and realize their potential.

Meanwhile I’ve been reading about how important social interactions are. As humans, we need people, we need community, we need approval and someone to encourage us or point out what we do well, and what we can improve.
And I just read an interesting article about happiness and how important human contact, specifically touch is to it. The article encouraged everyone to give someone a hug, and not just an awkward side hug for a second, but a full on long hug.

So I’m challenging you to join me in making 2017 a positive new year. Go give your friend a hug and let’s help each other make this year a great one.


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