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The Martian

on January 25, 2016

So I’ve been wanting to see The Martian movie for a long time. But I never made it the theater and then it was in that weird in between stage where you can’t see it in theaters and you can’t rent it either. But this past weekend my family finally rented it through iTunes and we all sat down to watch the almost 2 and a half hour movie. I’d heard good things about this movie and know it’s also getting some attention at the upcoming Oscars, so I was expecting a good movie, but I didn’t know how good. Now after seeing it, I may just have to read the book it was based off of by Andy Weir.

When watching this Space Drama, it’s hard not to think of other space related movies, such as the more recent Interstellar, and older classics like Apollo 13. And while Apollo 13 will always have a special place in my heart and is enjoyable because of it’s basis on a true story, I have to admit that The Martian took things to a whole ‘nother level. It’s like the awesome visuals of Interstellar were combined with the compelling story of Apollo 13 and then given steroids.

The basic plot of The Martian is that someone is lost in space, more specifically on Mars, and a whole team of people have to work together to get him home alive. Not to mention, he has to figure out a lot of things on his own. But it’s amazing to see all of the inventiveness, creativity and humor of the stranded Mark Watney. I also was excited every time I saw another celebrity actor show up in the cast. It just brought a high standard to the whole film.

And although there are many things to praise about this movie, such as the beautiful scenery, music, and well written plot that balances drama with humor perfectly so we don’t get tired of either; I feel like my favorite part of this movie was seeing Matt Damon talking to himself throughout his time alone in space. I was a little worried that I would see similar things to Castaway or other films where someone is alone and they go a little crazy. But time and time again, our hero Mark finds a way to laugh at his situation and just go for it. It brings a sense of hope to the awful situation he is in and inspires the audience to do the same.

So, in conclusion, I loved this movie. It does have a bit of language that you might want to watch out for, and the opening storm scene is a bit intense, but otherwise I think it’s enjoyable. So go see it before it wins some Oscars, because based on what I saw, it’s winning something.


2 responses to “The Martian

  1. Angela says:

    I, too, watched this movie this weekend! Beyond impressed, and I will definitely be reading the novel, as well as purchasing the DVD for future viewings!

    • lydiamhill says:

      Thanks for the comment Angela! I’m glad you liked the movie too and took the time to read my blog. I took a look at your website and enjoyed all the fun book memes. 🙂

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