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One More Book

on December 31, 2015



Thanks for following my blog this past year, I hope the new year brings many new exciting posts and interesting observations. But for now I want to share my thoughts on my latest read. With the holiday time off, I was hoping to get some reading done and yesterday I finally had a good few hours of quiet to just sit and read. My book of choice was “Two From Galilee” by Marjorie Holmes. My grandmother had given me 3 of Holmes’s books several years ago and I finally read “The Messiah” and loved it. So when I saw that “Two From Galilee” was about Joseph and Mary’s love story and probably involved the First Christmas, I thought, what better time of year to read it?

So I just finished this morning and it was great! I love Holmes’s writing style, she describes things so well and really captures all of the internal struggles and conflicting emotions that these real people probably went through. It brought a new life to the old stories I’ve read hundreds of times and got me excited about what would happen next. Even though I knew what should happen, her characters were so lifelike and easy to relate to that I found myself caught up in their predicament. And it was so cool to see what Mary and Joseph’s families might have been like and what they thought about this strange event. I’m not sure if the way Holmes portrays the biblical events is completely accurate, but it’s pretty close.

So if you’ve never read any of Marjorie Holmes’s books, I highly suggest this one for a first read. It would come first chronologically for the story of Christ and some of her other books hint back to what has happened previously. I may even start the next book “Three From Galilee” today.

Well that’s it for 2015. Happy New Year!!!


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