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Illustrations from an Easter Sermon

on April 6, 2015

So, yesterday was Easter, and it was a memorable one for me. Not only did I enjoy seeing lots of kids hunt Easter eggs, and get my own Easter basket stuffed with goodies, but I also really learned a lot from my pastor’s Easter Sermon. He used 3 illustrations that I’d never heard before and really stuck out to me. So I thought I’d go ahead and share them here. I hope you enjoy and Happy Easter!

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1. The Astronomer and the Pastor
The first illustration was about how Big God is and was a story about an Astronomer and a Pastor sitting at a bar. As they’re sitting drinking a beer, the Astronomer says something like, “You know when I think about God, all that comes to mind is ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children.’ And that was okay as a child, but I’ve outgrown it. I don’t need it anymore.” And the pastor listens, takes another drink of beer and finally says, “Well when I think of Astronomy, all I think of is ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.'” The point was, just as our universe with all it’s galaxies, black holes, and things we don’t even understand can’t be contained in a kid’s song, neither can God, who made the universe and everything in it. There’s nothing wrong with little kid’s songs, but they can’t describe the complexity and hugeness of our universe, or our God. And we’re foolish to think of either as so small.

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2. The River Boat and the Waterfall
This second illustration is about the reality of our situation as humans. It’s like we’re on a riverboat cruising down the river with the current, enjoying good food and music and for the most part enjoying ourselves. But the boat is heading for a waterfall, and no matter what we believe about the waterfall’s existence, eventually the boat will get to the waterfall and go over the edge, and anyone on the boat will die. So Jesus, is like someone warning us, “Get off the boat and follow me or you’ll die.” And we can choose to trust Him and leave, or say “No I’m good, I don’t need help. I’m fine here.” Without Jesus, we stand condemned before God, that is our situation, and the only thing that can save us is Jesus. He is the only rescuer, the only one who could take our place and receive God’s just punishment for sin. Without Him, we are dead.

Easter Egg, Grass, Spring, Holiday, Easter

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3. The Easter Egg Hunt
The last illustration my pastor gave was about what it’s like to follow Jesus now. He said it’s almost like a continual Easter Egg Hunt, where God has hidden these treasures of grace and joy in the most unlikely places. And just as a parent will give hints to their kids of where to look for an egg they’ve hidden, he will nudge at our hearts, telling us to go somewhere, or do something, or talk to someone. And it might seem like the strangest or most awkward situation to us, but if we say yes and follow Him, we’ll see Him show up in that place. And it’s more exciting than a kid finding an Easter Egg.

Well I hope you enjoyed those illustrations as much as I did and I hope you had a great Easter!


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