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Another Sneak Peek

on February 10, 2015

I’ve been getting on a writing kick lately for my next novel, Finding Home: The Lost Brother. I posted part of it several weeks ago. And I thought it would be fun to post another section. The last post was from a new character’s perspective, but I figured anyone who read the first book would enjoy this bit from Adrian’s perspective. So here you go, enjoy!

Finding Home
Adrian surveyed his hometown. Nothing had seemed to change since he had been here last spring with his family. He took a deep breath of the familiar smells.

“You ready to go?” asked an irritated voice.

Adrian smiled. “Really Caleb, we’re not in that big of a rush. We can at least look around for a few minutes.”

Caleb sighed audibly. “But your coronation is in three days and we need to get back.…”

Adrian held up his hand. “I know, I know. Thank you for keeping me on schedule. But… I just need to see it…. It’s been so long.”

Caleb crossed his arms. “We have seen it. Look there it is.” He gestured to the marketplace. “You said we’d only be here a little while, it was just a ‘quick stop.’ Well I don’t see any Unguls, so our job here is done and we need to go.”

Adrian ignored Caleb’s protests and gave Midnight a gentle nudge. “There’s something I have to see first.”

Caleb threw up his arms. “Royalty!”

Adrian suppressed a giggle. “Come on. I promise we can go after this.”

Caleb nodded glumly. “Yes your majesty.” He nudged his own horse and followed Adrian into the crowded streets.

Adrian smiled broadly and waved to a few surprised people that he recognized. After making it through the crowded market, Adrian turned towards a steep hill overlooking the sea.

A worn house, that was really more of a shack, sat atop the hill. It was leaning slightly, as if the years of gusty ocean squalls had finally worn it down.

Adrian slipped off of Midnight’s back and approached the small structure. He stopped and stared silently for several minutes.

Caleb began tapping his foot impatiently.

Suddenly a loud thump from within the house broke the silence.

Curious, Adrian stepped closer and called out “Hello, anyone here?”

A young boy, with flat brown hair atop his head popped out of the door. He looked at Adrian inquisitively then his eyes lit up. “Ben!” he screamed. He pushed the door roughly and ran out to greet his old friend.

Adrian wrapped the boy in a hug and held him tightly. “Alex! My how you’ve grown! How are you?”

Alex grinned, “I’m fine. Where have you been? I thought you were dead!”

Adrian laughed. “Well that’s a long story. I’ve been pretty much everywhere….”

Suddenly Alex shrieked, “Oh you haven’t seen… I can’t believe this! I have to tell him!”

“Slow down Alex,” Adrian said calmly. “What are you talking about?”

Alex grinned with a twinkle in his eye, “It’s a surprise. Just stay here and I’ll bring it to you.”

Adrian laughed, “Alright Alex, I’ll play your game.”

“So you’ll stay here?”


“Promise?” Alex asked, his face suddenly turning serious.

“I promise,” Adrian agreed.

“Just don’t take too long kid,” Caleb called as Alex sprinted down the hillside.


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