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Things I’m Thankful For

on November 5, 2014

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Well it’s November, you know the month before Christmas, and the month of Thanksgiving. And even if the advertisers skip Thanksgiving and start playing up Christmas, I love this time of year. And I love giving thanks. It’s important to stop and think about all that we have to be thankful for. So this month I would like to do a few posts about what I’m thankful for.

So here’s my first one.
I’m thankful for my cousin Lauren Hill. She was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer about a year ago, and it doesn’t look like she has much time left on this earth. But she has done so much with the time she has. It’s inspiring and I’m so grateful for her perseverance, her ambition, and how she’s living.

Here’s what she did just recently:

She makes me want to use the time I have wisely, enjoy it, and be a blessing to those around me.

So what’s something you are thankful for?


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