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The Railway Man

on June 3, 2014

So I know I’ve been silent for quite some time, I guess the laziness of summer is kicking in a little early. But I have had the chance to watch several movies recently. So I’ll be giving a quick review for each one to make up for all my laziness. Enjoy!

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The first movie I want to review is The Railway Man. I really wanted to review this movie because it’s not produced by a large studio and has not been advertised as widely. Plus it’s R rating will scare off most people, so I want to give it some attention, as it deserves.

This movie is a great example of the power of courage, honesty, and forgiveness. It tells the compelling true story of a Prisoner of War confronting his torturer and in the end forgiving him resulting in the two of them becoming good friends. A lot of references to faith and the Bible were woven into the film and though it was rated R, it really should have only been a PG 13. There was not too much language and even the intense scenes were not too graphic.

Colin Firth does an excellent job playing the elder Eric, as does Jeremy Irvine playing the younger. I was caught up in all the emotional turmoil of this man and deeply happy when he chose to forgive and live, not keep letting the past haunt him.

So if you want to enjoy a good movie, go support this film. It’s well worth it.


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