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God’s Not Dead Review

on April 7, 2014


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I’m happy to say that a lot of Christian films’ quality are getting better. In the past, most of these films would be released directly to DVD, or would be in select theaters for no longer than a week. But as the quality goes up, the success has also increased. The same goes for “God’s Not Dead.”

If you haven’t heard of this film, here’s a preview of it.

I was excited to see this movie when I heard the premiss. I didn’t go to a religiously hostile university, but I definitely felt the pressure to agree with whatever a professor said in order to get the best grade possible. So seeing a movie about a student standing up for their faith was exciting to me.

I finally got to see it this past weekend, and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed how the plot-lines of several characters were all weaved together. It wasn’t simply a story about a student standing up to a teacher, but also about their lives outside of school, and there were several other characters, including a successful businessman, foreign exchange student, pastor, and a Muslim Christian.

This film did a good job of showing the various ways people encounter God and why they act the way they do. There were also a few fun little jokes throughout the movie so that it wasn’t serious the whole way through. I found it quite enjoyable.

I also really liked how it showed the peer pressure that everyone feels, whether it’s from friends, significant others, family members, or peers. And how in the end, the only thing that can free us from this pressure is God. He already loves us, we don’t have to earn his approval.

So, if you have a free evening this week, I’d encourage you to check out this movie. Because of it’s success, a lot more theaters are showing it now, so hopefully there’s one near you.


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