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Mother’s Day

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Well I got to see the movie “Mother’s Day” today with my good friend. So I thought I’d write a review for the film. It’s similar to the movie “Valentine’s Day” released a few years ago and also follows the lives of several families as they celebrate the holiday. Unlike “Valentine’s Day,” however, this movie covers more than just the one day. It gives us a look into the families varied lives before the holiday happens. It is a touching movie with many heartfelt moments. I did tear up a couple times. But there are also plenty of hilarious moments to laugh at and keep you entertained. All in all it was a good movie to watch, and a good reminder that mothers and fathers are all important. They definitely deserve more than one day of appreciation. So even though Mother’s Day is over, and Father’s Day isn’t till next month, I’m going to take a moment to thank my parents for all that they have done and still do for me. And I hope you do too.

Mom, you’ve been there for me, before I can even remember. You’ve done so many things without being thanked, even once. Countless dishes have been cleaned, the laundry washed and dried, floors swept, mopped and cleared of toys. You bought me clothes and taught me to sew. You made so many meals for me and then taught me how to cook my own food. If I ever have a problem, or a question, you’re the one I go to for advice. I love you so much! I’m so thankful for your constant presence in my life, and for not only your care, but your friendship. I’m so glad you’re my mom.

Dad, thank you for working so hard to provide for our family, for putting in the long hours and pushing through the stress and difficulties with your job. I’ve always had what I needed because of you. Thank you for taking the time to play with me as a kid, to read me bedtime stories and teach me to ice skate. Thank you for all of the Daddy-Daughter dates and teaching me what I should expect from a man. You taught me how to dance, how to navigate, how to organize and make wise choices. You’ve given me such a great example and I am so thankful for your love. I love you! And I’m so glad that you are my dad.


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Galentine’s Day and Happiness

So if you don’t know, I’m a huge Parks and Recreation Fan. I enjoy the humor and the characters of the show a lot and I’ll often watch an old episode just for fun. One thing from this show that I thought was quite clever was a character creating her own holiday. She called it Galentine’s Day. And instead of going on a date with a guy, she hung out with all of her girlfriends and had a nice dinner and just enjoyed their company. Well this past Valentine’s Day, I found myself in a familiar situation with no romantic relationship to speak of. It doesn’t bother me too much, but since the day after Valentine’s Day was a holiday (President’s Day) and several of my friends were off of work, I decided to hang out with a few of them. It kind of turned into my own version of Galentine’s Day.

First I got a manicure and pedicure with one friend, we talked and laughed the whole time and I really enjoyed the massages and how clean my feet felt after the scrubbing. Then I called another friend who lives a couple hours away and we just talked and talked for over an hour. And finally I went out to see Kung Fu Panda 3 with one more friend. Although we had trouble finding two seats next to each other that weren’t broken, we just laughed it off and enjoyed the movie. I have enjoyed all of the Panda movies in the past and this one was no exception. I laughed a lot and when we were done, we decided to get some dinner at Chickfila, where we saw a horse drawn carriage. We took our food back to my friend’s apartment and talked some more as we ate. Then I introduced her to one of my favorite older movies: Singing in the Rain.

All in all, it was a marvelous day filled with laughter and happiness. Even though each activity was with someone different, I enjoyed them all. This day reminded me of how many deep friendships God has given me and that makes me very thankful. So even though I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m content with where God has me. I am not alone, my life does have meaning, and I can have a lot of fun with these girls. But more than that, I’ve been learning that all I have to be grateful for really comes from God. He created me, my friends, laughter, happiness, stories, humor, and everything that is good and He wants me to enjoy them and praise Him for it. When I express my gratitude to Him it helps me remember how much He loves me and how much He’s given me, and it makes me happy.

So I hope your holiday weekend was full of happiness too and that you’re enjoying what God has given you.

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