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The Bird on the Wire

Have you ever seen a bird on a telephone wire? I’m sure you have, it’s so common that I often don’t notice it. But today I did. It’s windy today and as I watched, the bird swayed with the wind, buffeted back and forth, sometimes I was surprised he still hung on. I found myself thinking, “Just let go, just fly. It’s what you were made to do.”

But still the bird clung to the wire. And suddenly I saw myself as that bird. I cling to what’s comfortable, holding on to my little piece of wire. Then when the winds come, and life gets hard, when I feel like God is giving me more than I can handle, do I let go and trust Him? Or do I hold more stubbornly to what I want, what I think I need, what’s comfortable? Because when I do let go, I find I can fly. I have a faith that can move mountains, a hope that soars, a joy that can laugh at adversity. But I never experience that thrill if I don’t first let go of what I think will make me happy and trust that God really does have what’s best.

This past week my pastor said we don’t see how great faith is, until we’re in the storm. And as I look back on my life, I can see it’s true. When life is rolling along, everything fairly manageable, my faith doesn’t seem as important. Sometimes I forget it’s actually needed. But when those storms come, when the relative gets cancer, or the friend’s marriage is falling apart, or you lose your job, that’s when faith shows it’s strength. There’s a certain peace, or confidence God gives His children in the midst of suffering that you don’t experience until you’re in those moments. And even though it’s still hard, it’s also really good. The closest to God I’ve felt, has happened when I’m going through a hardship.

So that’s what God has been teaching me today; that He designed me to know Him, to trust Him, to love Him and that I’ll be happiest when I let go of all the other stuff, and choose to love and trust Him. Even if it takes a storm for me to do it, it’s worth it. because knowing Him is worth everything.

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Response to Hardship

This past week has been crazy busy with all sorts of things, big important work duties, a friend’s wedding, my brother’s birthday. But then yesterday, things seemed to take a turn for the worse. My mom started having severe nerve pain that just would not stop. Sometimes it was so bad she started crying. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mom in such pain. Add onto that work stuff frustrating my Dad, and pet concerns worrying my sister and I suddenly felt like I was stuck in the middle of multiple spiritual attacks.

But in the midst of it, I felt like God was telling me to just worship Him. To take my eyes off of all the problems and fears and worries and stress and just worship Him. So I started singing, I started meditating on scripture, and I grabbed my Dad and asked him to pray with me. Not all the problems went away. My mom is still in a lot of pain, my sister still has pet issues and I’m not sure what to do to help. But I felt a sense of God’s peace, when I stopped and worshiped last night. And I want to hold onto that. Even in the midst of storms, He is present. Even when life is hard, He is still good. Even when you don’t see a way out, He has a plan. I’m learning to hold on to Him and trust Him for myself and others.

So I’m still in the midst of the storm and I’d appreciate the prayers. I’m so thankful that I can ask my brothers and sisters in Christ for help and support. But I’m also in the arms of my Loving Father and I trust that He will bring me and my family through this current trial.


In the Storm

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I’ve noticed that the Central Texas weather has been getting a lot of news coverage recently. I’ve had several friends from out of state text me and ask if I’m alright, since I live in Austin. And thankfully, I am. My home suffered no damage and even though my family was caught driving in one of the bad storms, we made it home safely. But a lot of other people didn’t get out of these series of storms unscathed. So if you feel compelled to help them out through a donation, I suggest giving to the Austin Disaster Relief Network. They are already deploying in San Marcos and Wimberly and will also be helping in Round Rock and other areas affected by the flooding and storms. Here is their website:

But as for me, here was my scariest experience…



The weekend had been fun, even though we’d had a bad storm Saturday night, the skies had cleared on Sunday and my family enjoyed the outdoor attractions at our hotel. We had drifted around the lazy river for hours and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. But now the 3 day weekend was over, and we needed to get home.

In San Antonio it was hot and humid with a few sprinkles occasionally falling from the sky. But the radar showed a big storm further north. Maybe we should have waited longer, but we were ready to go home and tired of the delays. So we decided to go for it. The mini van was soon loaded and we hit the road that would take us home. The weather stayed fairly good while we were still in San Antonio, but we could see the storm clouds ahead. As we hit I-35 North, the rain began. Lightning flashed all around and water streamed over the windows. The windshield wipers flapped constantly. As we continued north, we’d get breaks every once in awhile when the rain slowed and we could see the dark clouds that surrounded us more clearly. The tension in the van rose, so I put on some calming music to relax us.

As we neared San Marcos, the skies began to get a green tint to them, and my brother watched the skies closely for signs of tornadoes. I started texting friends and family to pray for us. It seemed better to me if we just keep driving and got out of the storm, then if we pulled over to wait it out. When we stopped for a bathroom break, my brother checked the radar again and decided we could keep going. As we continued on our way, we passed the waterlogged streets of San Marcos and saw drainage ditches filled to the brim with water. We kept moving and finally made it back to Austin. Then just as we entered our neighborhood, I got a text from a friend warning us to stay away from San Marcos because a tornado had just touched down. I was so thankful that we were already home at that point, but it sent chills down my back to know we had been in San Marcos only 30 minutes before.

I thank God for His protection in that storm, but I also thank Him for His protection in all of my life’s storms. Sometimes going through a death in the family or a really tough semester at school can feel just as overwhelming and scary as driving through a Texas thunderstorm. But God is faithful and He’s helped me through each of the struggles I’ve had to face. He is strong when I am weak, He sees the big picture of how everything will work out, and I trust Him to bring good even out of the harrowing circumstances of life. I hope you too will trust God in your life’s storms and join me in praying for the victims of the central Texas floods who’ve survived the literal storm, but now have to weather the storm of rebuilding and putting their life back together.

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Little Rays of Hope

Little Rays of Hope

Sometimes it’s only in our darkest storms that we can finally see the most beautiful things

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