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Spider-Man Homecoming

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So I saw the new Spider-Man movie last week. I don’t want to spoil anything, so if you haven’t seen it, go ahead and watch it first! It is so worth it. But if you really want to read my thoughts first, I think you’ll still enjoy it and I’ll try not to give away anything too important to the plot.

There have been a lot of Spider-Man movies in my lifetime but this one was unique. This was the first movie actually set in the Marvel Universe, which means other characters like Captain America and Iron Man could also be mentioned or make an appearance. This movie also provides us with the youngest version of Spider-Man. Not only is the actor younger and actually looks like he is in high school, but he is also only 15 years old in the story instead of a Senior. It’s really cool to see him developing in this movie and knowing that he still has a long way to go. I also particularly enjoyed how Iron Man takes him under his wing and becomes a mentor in the only way Tony Stark can, with a lot of humor, wit, and mistakes. The scene where Peter discovers all of the extra features his suit contains is quite funny. Tony really is the best at making superhero suits, but they can be a bit over the top.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is just how realistic Peter is; he trips, falls, fumbles with his words and it’s just so funny. And he also does those little heroic things that anyone could do, even without a suit, like giving an old lady directions. I also really loved that he doesn’t have to keep his identity a secret from everyone. In both of the previous versions of Spider-Man, Peter is very much alone with his secret, unless a bad guy finds out about him. But in the new movie, not only does his mentor Tony know, but soon his best friend at school finds out too and it makes for a great comedic combination. This movie is full of laughs and all things that make a great Marvel movie.

In addition, the story does not revolve around a love interest as the other Spider-Man movies do. Yes, there is a girl that Peter likes and it’s a fun part of the story. But the plot line in not about getting the girl or saving the girl and that is quite refreshing. All in all this version of Spider-Man is much lighter and more enjoyable than its predecessors. There’s definitely not as much dark brooding or angst but there is plenty of excitement and a very well developed bad guy to keep you engaged with the story.

I highly recommend this movie and I may have just found my favorite version of the Spider-Man character. And as always, make sure to stay to the very end of the credits. Marvel has done it again and there are two end credit scenes.

I’ll just leave you with this preview in case you still need some convincing to see this awesome movie.

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What makes a hero?

I’ve discovered that renting movies at the Library can be quite fun. Instead of paying a lot of money to see a movie once online, or keep for 24 hours from Redbox, I can borrow multiple movies for free and keep them for 3 whole weeks! This has resulted in me watching several movies that I’ve never seen but have always wanted to. Most recently it meant I watched The Amazing Spider-man 2.

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Now I grew up watching the Toby McGuire Spider-man movies and as a kid, and I loved them. When I got older, they didn’t seem as good as I’d remembered, but there’s still a lot of nostalgia going on when I see one. More recently the Amazing Spider-man with Andrew Garfield has released films and now there will be a third Spider-man because the character is owned by Disney. We even got a sneak peek at him in the Captain America Civil War movie.

All that to say, I don’t know which actor has or will do the best job at portraying Spider-man. But I really appreciated how Andrew Garfield pulled it off in this sequel. It wasn’t so much the flying acrobatics, or witty humor that got to me, though that was great too (at least compared with the original series). No, what really stood out to me was how this Spider-man did heroic things that normal everyday people can do too. Seeing him try to encourage someone and tell them they’re worth something and have value was so awesome. It reminded me of all of those videos on Youtube where someone does random nice things for someone else and you get to see a glimpse of people’s gratitude and joy. Caring for someone else is what being a hero is all about. And the great thing is anyone can do it.

Here’s an example of just one of those videos:

My favorite scene in the movie was when a kid was getting picked on by some bullies and then Spider-man swoops in to scare them off. But he doesn’t just leave. He stops to help the kid fix his school project and tells him how great it is and he even offers to walk the kid home. Anyone could do that, but it takes a hero to actually do it.

It reminds me of the story Jesus told about the Good Samaritan.

Someone gets beat up and definitely could use some help but the people who see him are too focused on themselves to care. Maybe they didn’t want to get mugged too, or they had an important appointment to keep, or they thought there wasn’t anything they could do, so they just kept walking.

But the Samaritan stopped. He noticed and he did something about this guy’s problem. He bandaged his wounds, took him to a hotel (or inn) and paid for him to stay there.

I know it’s easy to go through life focusing on all the problems, especially your own. I’ve definitely done that, a lot. But if we stop to take notice of what’s going on, if we really follow Jesus’s example and value others above ourselves, we’ll see plenty of opportunities to love and care for others, and be the hero God wants us to be.

So I hope this little post encouraged you today.

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