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Star Trek Beyond and Jason Bourne

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This weekend I got to see two movies that I’d really been looking forward to, so I thought I’d review both of them in one post. It was odd seeing Star Trek Beyond and Jason Bourne so close to each other. I normally watch kid movies and the types of previews that come before these sort of films are not very uplifting. There were so many shooters, assassins, and thriller commercials that it got to be a bit too much for me. With all that’s been happening in our real world, seeing more violence in these previews was not at all appealing to me. It reminded me why I usually go for the more family focused films.

But despite Star Trek and Jason Bourne being more adult films and having plenty of action and violence, I still enjoyed myself. Star Trek was very similar to the last 2 films and Jason Bourne was very similar to the original trilogy. They both had cool action scenes, with flying spaceships and explosions in one, and fistfights and car chases in the other.

I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride in Star Trek, partly because I was in the front row and could barely see the whole screen with my peripheral vision. But the shaky cam in Jason Bourne did just as good a job of sucking me into the action. (Though it could make it difficult to know what was happening).

So if you like action films, check out either of these two films, and you won’t be disappointed.

Now on to a deeper level, I noticed that Star Trek and Jason Bourne have fundamentally different set ups. Star Trek is about a crew, almost a family, having to solve problems, work together, and use their varying skills and talents to overcome huge obstacles. No matter what they face, they stick together and don’t give up on each other. The villain in this movie, as in countless other movies, says this is what makes them weak. But the crew firmly believes that it is a strength to have each other.

Jason Bourne, on the other hand, is a protagonist that we’re rooting for but he doesn’t rely on others very much. He’s not on a team, he’s by himself. And though he occasionally works with others or shows care for others, it usually ends up being just him against insurmountable odds. But because he’s Jason Bourne, he always comes out on top.

Thinking of this in my own life, I would rather be in a Star Trek type situation rather than a Jason Bourne one. I like having a team of people around me that support and encourage me rather than being able to handle everything on my own. There is some discomfort in not being able to take care of myself all on my own, but there is such a sweet bond that people share when they help each other and depend on each other. And I’d rather have that than the ability to do it alone. It also reminds me of the Body of Christ and how we aren’t good at everything, but by working together we build each other up in love and glorify God. He designed us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and to help others but also receive help from others.

Well anyway, those are a few of my random thoughts after seeing the movies. I hope you enjoy one or both of these films.

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