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What is the Best Cinderella Movie?

So last night I watched a classic movie from childhood: A Cinderella Story. I loved laughing at all the old jokes and reminiscing about what it was like to be in high school and watch movies like this. But I was thinking today that there are a ton of Cinderella movies out there. So I thought maybe I’d make a list of some of my favorites and rank them. I know not everyone will agree with me, this is strictly my opinion, but I thought it could be fun.

Number 6 – Cinderella (1950)

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I know this one is the classic, it’s been around for over 60 years! But for some reason when I was growing up, the animated movie was never my favorite. Maybe the stepmother scared me too much or the mice weren’t as funny as Timon and Pumba. But I always seemed to watch some Disney movie besides Cinderella. So even though this is a classic, and I’m sure it’s at the top of some other Cinderella movie lists, it’s at the bottom of mine.


Number 5 – Another Cinderella Story (2008)

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This movie is not as well known as a lot of the other Cinderella movies out there. But I did enjoy watching Cinderella break out in dance moves and see a new adaptation of the classic Cinderella story. I remember liking how funny some of the side characters were. But compared to the others on this list, it’s more of a B film.


Number 4 Into the Woods (2014)

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Technically this movie is not solely a Cinderella movie. This movie adaptation of the musical revolves around several classic fairy tales. So even though I love the way Cinderella is portrayed in this film, I couldn’t rank it any higher that 4 because there are so many good movies that really are all about Cinderella. But boy can Anna Kendrick sing! I highly suggest watching this movie if you enjoy Cinderella.


Number 3 A Cinderella Story (2004)

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You might have seen this one coming. Since watching this movie sparked my idea of ranking Cinderella movies in the first place. Though I love A Cinderella Story, I cannot put it at the very top of the list. It’s a great modern telling of the classic story and I love how the stepmother is portrayed. She’s fun to hate but also makes you laugh with her obsession with salmon. All of the side characters add to this film’s fun, the quirky guy friend that keeps us laughing, the fairy-god-mother like waitress who is always looking out for Sam, and the rest of the cafe’s staff. I also realized that Simon Helberg (now famous on the Big Bang Theory show) made an appearance in this film. All in all this is a great movie. It’s funny and sweet to the very end.


Number 2 Ever After (1998)

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Many people put this movie at the top of their lists and it is very good. I love seeing Leonardo Da Vinci show up as the resident artist in the kingdom and seeing Cinderella and her Prince be more fully developed characters with ideals and dreams, not just the expected rags to riches story. I also enjoy seeing the disagreements between them which makes a lot more sense in a real world telling of this story and also brings a lot of humor to the story. Honestly this might be the better film, I’m just still really into the next one on my list because it came out more recently.

Number 1 Cinderella (2015)

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This live action remake of Cinderella was not at all what I expected. I’ve seen so many versions of Cinderella that I was sure this would be just one more on the pile and I was a little annoyed at Disney for making it. But then I watched it, and what can I say? I loved it! The Dilly Dilly song gets stuck in my head all the time and I love Lily James singing. She does an excellent job of portraying the kindhearted Cinderella that we all love. I also really like Kit, the prince in this film. Instead of being a bit of a spoiled brat, like in Ever After, or more of a cardboard cut out in some of the other films, he really comes across as relatable and sympathetic and I’m rooting for the two of them to be together from their first meeting.

So there you go, that’s my Top 6 of the Best Cinderella movies. Feel free to leave suggestions of other Cinderella movies you’ve liked. And if you haven’t seen some of these films, by all means rent them and enjoy.

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Movie Musicals: Into the Woods Annie

This past week I had the opportunity to see several movies, including the musicals: Into the Woods and Annie. I don’t recall seeing Into the Woods before, but I knew the general plot of rewriting the old fairytales. And Annie has been one of my favorite musicals ever since I was a little kid. I’ve seen it multiple times on stage and I’m pretty sure the old movie version was watched at least once by my family. In any case, I usually like movie adaptations of musicals. I like the music, even if it gets stuck in my head and generally the storylines of musicals are just as compelling as other movies. So into the movie theater I went to see these two movie versions of classic plays.

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I’ll start with Into the Woods, since I saw it first. Even with the familiarity of the fairytale stories, I enjoyed getting to see the characters fleshed out by new actors and I particularly liked seeing Little Red Riding Hood being a sneaky little girl who took way more sweets than she needed. Since I hadn’t seen this play before, I actually thought the movie was over when everyone was getting their happily ever after. I had the brief thought of “what about that other bean stalk?” but everyone was so happy that I thought it wasn’t a big deal. And then the change came, people cheated, died and the happily ever after became a lie. I liked the realism this change brought to the characters and I especially liked the song about who to blame. It’s easy to get caught up in finding someone to blame for our problems, when the truth is we are just as much to blame as they are. So in the end, even though the story changed, I was pleased with the outcome, and how the characters who were still alive had changed too. And the “Into the Woods” song won’t be leaving my thoughts anytime soon.

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Onto Annie, this story I know very well, and I was intrigued by the preview for this movie and how they were updating it for a new generation. A lot of the classic songs were still included and even a tip of the hat to the old version with the opening scene showing a little red headed girl tap dancing who was also named Annie. But then the story shifts and we get to see a world more similar to what we know. And even though new songs were added, characters were changed, and the story departed from the original, I still found myself enchanted by this movie. I especially liked how the lady who boarded the orphan girls had more of a backstory and was more relateable to the audience. I enjoyed her character a lot more than the previous version and was happy that she got to become more of a heroine than a villain in the end. The only complaint I would have is that a few of the songs sounded a little “fake” to me, as if they were recorded by a different actor and then lip-sinked to the one playing the character. But even with that, I still enjoyed the movie.

So if you too enjoy a good musical, I would highly recommend either of these movies.

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